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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 30, 2010 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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shooting. i'm marla tellez. i will explain the twist in a live report. >> good news for your budget is bad for the state. why you could be paying less in state income tax. coming up at 6:00 on thursday, december 30th, today in the bay. . >> good morning to you. >> we want to get to christina with the forecast. we are not going to see too much of a temperature-spread. it will be a cold one all day. we will have a lot of sunshine. cold air continues to drive in
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from the pacific. that will be the case throughout the day today and tomorrow. frosty start and 31 degrees now in livermore. 31 in gilroy. san francisco and novato, you are in the 40s. by 9:00 a.m., we won't have to worry about the frost. mid 40s by noon. i will let you know what the daytime highs look like. back to you. a couple of stories we are following. a deadly police shooting women begin with christie smith at the scene of an apartment fire that kill tlooed people including a little girl. >> police now telling me here in oakland this was a mom, her male friend and the mom's small
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daughter all trapped inside the apartment that you can see there. they were trapped inside when firefighters arrived. they said that the 7-year-old sister made it out and she survived. how she did that, they don't know. a red cross worker told me they believe the little girl was just 3 years old. the firefighters say this fire was moving when they arrived. flame coming out of the window. this was a building on 82nd avenue. two women jumped from an upper unit and suffered leg injuries. they are still hospitalized this morning. another family down scares barely made it out. >> i got scared. i see the fire coming out from upstairs. i got in and i went to my kids and said the apartment is on fire.
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we got out. i got my kids and i went out. >> the red cross is here helping four people who lived here. as for a cause, firefighters saying at this point they just don't know. hog suspicious. it appears it may be accidental. they do tell me they will be here investigating this for several hours. live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay. a woman is dead after being shot by san leandro police after a car chase that ended in oakland. marla tellez is live where the woman died a few hours ago. >> good morning. it did start in san leandro cross the poerder and ended here in oakland where we are standing here on bancroft and durant. we have been here since 4:15 and it was an active scene.
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oakland police and investigators collecting evidence and taking photos. we are showing you video to explain what happened. oakland police said the deadly shooting happened at about 10:25 and started with a police chase involving san leandro police and a jaguar. the chase began in san leandro and ended when it crashed into a parked car and a light poll. oakland police tell us an officer fired shots and one woman is now dead as a result. we heard one man was hurt, but that has not been confirmed. we don't know who was driving a jaguar and what prompteded the chase. live in oakland, today in the bay. >> thank you for the update there. san francisco police will hold a meeting tonight to talk about an
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officer-involved shooting in the bayview addict. they had reports of a stabbing and a man with a knife inside that home. they say they opened fire and began walking towards them. the meeting will start at the grace lutheran church. san francisco police are also putting up a $25,000 reward for information about a driveway by shooting that killed three people and wounded three others. the police department set up a tip line to catch the shooters. it happened december 22nd at lyndon and eighth. three men in a dark chevy opened fire and sped off. they were between 15 and 20 years old. >> san jose police are searching for two teenagers suspected of stabbing a man in front of a little school after 8:30 at the
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corner of mac lachlan and bridges academy little school. police say the two suspects fled in a car. anybody with information is asked to call play is police. >> a crime spree against pot growers and dispensaries is starting to worry neighbors. men with guns stormed the home on location urt street and tried to rob it of money and pot. investigators say it turns out the home was a marijuana agree house. by the time officers arrived the suspects were gone and the victims were shaken up. he has nothing against pot, but she not happy about the criminal element it seems to attract. >> pot brings money and money brings criminals. criminals want the money and the pot. >> the attack follows a 48-hour blitz of robberies and break-ins last week in san jose.
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from december 13th through the 15th, five places were broken into our roshed. police believe the same group of suspects could be connected to all the crimes. >> a major thoroughfare will get a major upgrade. almaden expressway will undergo an $8.1 million renovation. it will be widened and crews will install more turn lines and traffic lights. >> mike is off and we are keeping an eye on the highways and by ways. if anything pops up, we will let you know. there is a closure in the north bay. 101 between santa rosa and todd road and the 101-116 interchange to fill in potholes between 9:00 tonight and 5:00 tomorrow morning. the bay area transit systems will work late. part will extend service until 3:00 aim and trains will run at
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normal intervals. there will be a lot of special service in and out and pittsburgh bay point and richmond trains will start at montgomery station and the dublin, pleasant and fremont lines will stop at the embarcadero for the celebration. ta will be free and light rail routes will end at some point. you should take up the website to see how you can get around. >> apartments on a cliff are closer to falling after being pounded by more recent rain. the bay area news group reports rain washed out a chunk of soil on tuesday. you can check it out here. that means 1/3 hangs over the ocean. the complex has been department since last winder when residents were evacuated by the city. they were on private property, butt city might have to check in
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if the owners cannot come up with a solution. >> a break in the rain and break out the heavy coats. it's cold out there. >> break them out and keep them out. it will be colder tonight. i want to point out your wins zeechl wind advisories over the bay area bridges if you will be commuting. keep that in mind and take it easy out there. the wind helps you out in terms of the gold. it keeps the cold tense air from settling in. novato with a 15 mile per hour wind speed is where you see the warmer temperatures. 40 in san francisco and everywhere with the calm winds is where we have the frost. really starting to set in in gilroy and places like morgan hill. give yourself plenty of time. a lot of moisture passing through earlier this week and now with the cold air, the wind chill is colder than the surrounding air. that frost will be a problem and likely tomorrow as well. as you head to 9:00 a.m., we will rise up into the low to mid 40s across the area.
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43 degrees by 9:00 skpaim through noon, temperatures starting to warm up for oakland. you are up to 45 degrees by then and topping out in the upper 40s. make sure you have the jacket with you handy. bring in the sensitive plants. they are not used to the cold temperatures. pets as well. space heaters. make sure you turn them off. 48 degrees and late showers new year's eve to new year's day just in time for the holiday. about half as much moisture pass through the area over the course of friday and saturday. it's not as big of a rainmaker and none the less, cold air behind it will drive in more frost for saturday into sunday. then a fair stretch of weather. we will talk about that coming up. >> the acting governor is ask asking the president to declare a disaster in california. maldonado was asking president
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obama for money and help from federal agencies to deal with flooding and mudslides that damaged buildings and property. in a letter to the president, san bern don'to county needs the most help. 50 homes are under evacuation orders in the city of highland. >> 6:11 and the stanford women's basketball team hopes to end a streak. a preview of the game coming up. >> a new year and new laws coming up. one ha should keep people from impersonating you online. >> state next taxes change in 2011. find out if you will be paying less, next. >> a live look outside at the bay bridge. we are seeing cool temperatures. cold temperatures and christina will check the numbers coming up.
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>>. >> good morning. a look from the bay, really cold temperatures as you get up this morning. palo alto is the 36. 32 degrees and we will be checking the numbers and see if we will warm up. christina has a look at the forecast. >> might buy a new coat because your budget may look better. finances may look worse thanks to lower income taxes. 11 million californians will see fatter paychecks because short-term increases are set to expire. parents and those with dependents will have the biggest
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reward. earning 40,000 a year will owe $91 less. some want to stop the taxes saying they need it to battle a deficit. will your federal taxes go up when the ball drops? if you make less than $150,000, you will be paying about the same amount. after a tough fight in congress, the bush era cuts will remain in place. the more you make, the better the break. one change is guaranteed to put a few more bucks in your pocket. a social security tax holiday is technically not a tax cut, but rather a 2% increase in take home pay. >> jerry brown is coming down hard on executive who is plan to sue the system unless pennings are increased. 36 executives said they will sue unless they lift a salary cap on what can be considered when deciding what the pension will
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be. the chronicle said it will cost $5.5 million a year and $51 million retro active dating back to 2007. they call the executives out of touch. the owner of the oil rig that exploded is refusing to cooperate with a federal board that is investigating the oil spill. transocean said they don't have to honor subpoenas from the chemical safety board claiming that it does not have jurisdiction in the investigation. the board is challenging the role in taking a key piece of equipment that failed to stop the oil from spilling into the gulf. the board asked them to enforce the subpoenas. >> fishermen are cracking down on fishing through a quota system. they set limits on how much a certain species can be fished at a certain time. fishermen have to sell the extra
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as stock before they are allowed to fish again. more than $12 million in funds will pay for the program. >> memnlo park wants to pay for trees to plant at a park. leaders said they will offset when the highway was widened in 2000. >> state leaders will continue to take the lead on immigration policy until congress is able to pass new laws. seven states are likely to pass laws similar to those passed in arizona. that's according to the immigration forum. in pennsylvania, south carolina, oklahoma and tennessee. the u.s. department of justice sued arizona this year arguing immigration enforcement is the federal government's
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responsibility. >> impersonating another person online can land you in jail. the state law goes into effect making it illegal to assume another person's identity if you seek to harm that person. creating online accounts in somebody else's name to harm, intimidate or defraud a person will be a misdemeanor. violators can face a fine and year in jail. nintendo is warning their new device can cause quicker eye fatigue and it's not for young children still in developmental stages. it will hit store shelves in march. >> you can own a piece of groupon. the company is working towards a potentially public offering by the end of 2011. in a filing with the state of
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delaware, they said they intend to sell at $31.59 each. they recently rejected a $6 billion take over bit from google. >> americans clipped holiday sale this is year which say jump of 13% from last year. online retail sales were fuelled by a late surge in spending. people spent almost 2.5 billion the week leading up to december 26th. among the big sellers, 23% were for computer-related items and 22% were books and magazines. 21% were consumer electronics and computer software 20% and toys 16%. >> 6:19 and if you think the people at your job crossed the line, a company called global compliance helps with ethics issues. to figure out when which
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displayed the most ethical violations in the workplace. everyone on nbc a 30 rock are the biggest offenders. they average 11 violations per episode. the office made the list. they say the folks averaged five ethical violations every episode. >> san francisco is ahead in the race for the americas cup and not because the city did the best job getting the event. rhode island with won't be ready in time. tomorrow is the deadline for larry elson to choose a location of the 2013 race. rhode island said they are working pfiefer e feverishly on a bid and won't have it ready. they would need the approval of the team who agreed to race and avoid a hassell. he may choose san francisco by default. italy is also considered a candidate. >> we take a look at the big
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game tonight. >> good morning. in women's college hoops, regular season games don't get bigger than this. the historic win streak is on the line. maples pavilion will be rocking tonight as the cardinal welcomes u-conn. the stanford women were the last team beat u-conn in the final four in '08. the lady huskies won 90 straight games and that's an all time record for women or men. they went ahead of the ucla teams of the early 70s. a unique chance to snap the u-conn streak. >> we expect to win the game and we are excited to play the game. if this is a team, u-conn has a great tradition and a great program and a great team. we love the challenge. >> we will have the scene from
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maples. the tip off is at 6:00. we will see if stanford can make it book end wins against the mighty u-conn. have yourself a great morning. >> thanks and the clock is ticking for the raiders to make a decision about the head coach. al davis took his time after last season ended to decide whether or not to keep it. you probably won't be able to have that much time this year. there a couple of reasons. davis is obligated before january 18th. stock is rising so davis might have to act before another team shows interest in jackson. the raiders have scored 379 point this is season, the seventh most by a raiders team in franchise history. >> if you move to the uk, you are more likely to get a 100th birthday greeting. in five people in the uk will live to see their 100th birthday. that is 10 million people.
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based on population and life expectancy estimates. nearly 12,000 people are age 100 or older. >> taking a live look outside at the bay bridge, clear skies and veryabry cold. grab your heaviest coat as you head out the door.
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good morning to you. take a look how strask flowing on the bay bridge. a light commute. so far so good. windy through there so take it easy. if you drive a high profile vehicle, tractor, trailers and campers. you know the drill. cold air continuing to push in. as a result, temperatures this morning are in the 30s. we have 29 degrees in livermore. very cold. make sure you bundle the little ones up before you head out as well as yourself. we will warm up into the low to mid 40s. a couple of 50s for today in the
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warm evidentiaries of the bay area. let's talk about what to expect as you head out. wins will start to relax by about 9:00 a.m. we have a good wind speed. in novato, that tends to keep things warmer and prevends the cold dense air from settling in. not as much widespread frost, but definitely in the outlying areas. temperatures rise up into the low to mid 40s. that will be the case throughout the day. we will not get that warm even with full sunshine. it will be a beautiful day. very cold. 45 degrees by about noon. we'll hit the highs around 4:00 or 5:00 and maxing out in the 40s. cold today and bring the pets and sensitive plants in this morning. bring in the bonz eye.
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we will bring in the next round. 54 by sunday and that kicks off a fair stretch of weather that lasts into the end of next week. a break from the rain. >> we'll take it. >> 6:27 and the rain calms a lot of trees and we need the break. we will show you the damage. >> two developing story this is morning including a deadly police shooting in the east bay. this is of our other developing story. live reports on those in a little bit. >> three people killed in the fire. a live look outside from the south bay. you can tell there clear skies out there. don't have the cloud layer to keep us warm. bundle up as you head out.
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good morning. i'm christie smith. new developments in a triple fatal fire in east oakland.
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we will tell you what they are in a live report. >> a woman is dead after an officer-involved shooting. i will explain why oakland police are now investigating the case. >> and people in san bruno could get money from donations soon. we will find out what needs to happen first. >> it's 6:30, thursday, december 30th today in the bay. >> good moing. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> christina loren has the hour by hour forecast and it is a cold one. >> it is a cold one. hour by hour as we head through this afternoon eve at the hottest point of the day. it's not going to be that warm. we are looking to temperatures in the upper 40s for today. a cold blast pushed in as you
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hop out the front door. we have wind as well. northwest at about 15 miles per hour in novato and that could make for a tough commute. bay area bridges. san mateo and golden gate getting knocked around. we do have changes on the way. today's frosty start at 29 degrees in livermore. by this afternoon we warm into the 40s women wi. we will let you know how cold it will be. >> we have updates on developing stories are we following in the east bay. >> a fire killed three people. first marla tellez is live in oakland near the san leandro border where police shot and killed a woman a few hours ago. san leandro police opened fire, but the oakland police department will lead the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. this is a story involving both
6:32 am
san leandro and oakland police. as you mentioned, the chase started in san leandro andened in oakland at bancroft and durant. we have been here since about 4:15 and when we arrived it was an active scene. it was taped off with police tape and oakland was on scene collecting evidence. the scene cleared, but this is what we know. it started with a chase with san leandro police chasing a jaguar that ended here in oakland when it crashed into a parked oldsmobile and a light pole. at this point we are not sure exactly what unfolded, but an officer fired his weapon and as a result one woman is now dead this morning. we don't know if she was driving that jaguar or her connection to the chase in the first place. we have also heard that one man is also hurt, but that has not
6:33 am
been confirmed. we are working to get more information. according to our records, the last officer-involved shooting with police happened in october of 2008. it has been more than two years. reporting live in oakland this morning, marla tellez, today in the bay. >> a tragic story out of oakland. three people including a young girl are dead after an overnight apartment fire. christie smith joips us with the latest. christie? >> reporter: we have new development for you. firefighters are saying this is a mom, her small daughter and a male friend. the fire started in a front room of an apartment building here. this smoke quickly spread to a bedroom and that's where the family was. a real tragedy this morning. this is a four-unit building and the red cross said the youngest victim was three years old. two others suffered leg injuries
6:34 am
after jumping out of their unit. we have a survivor in this unit. another little girl. >> one young lady between 7 and 11 did get out of the apartment. a neighbor assisted her by the time she got out of the front. >> reporter: the red cross believes it's a sister to the little girl. firefighters told us there were absolutely no working smoke detectors. they are also saying in the unit they were running an extension cord from their unit to another unit because the power was turned off here on december 2nd. the red cross is now helping four people displaced by this. firefighters said this investigation will continue for several more hours. live in east oakland, christie smith today in the bay. >> a tragic ending already. >> it's 3 1/2 months since the
6:35 am
deadly san bruno explosion and victims may get donated money from the city fund. two members plan to ask them to handout the checks on january 11th. nearly $400,000 in donations are being held in the city fund. vehicles are upset about not getting the money. they face extra expenses like up front fees for architects and engineers and say the donation checks could help cover the costs. the council will hold a meeting on wednesday to hear from people about how they would like to seat money distributed. the search is on for an officer who found a man with one gunshot wound in a multiunit building after 8:00 last night. he was responsive, but severely hurt. emergency workers took him to the hospital where he later died. police are intrusion potential witnesses and have not made arrests and no suspects have been identified.
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stealing sat lickic converters from suvs. there have been 13 reports of car parts being taken into the springtown neighborhood. catalytic converters are valuable because of the precious metals used to make them. they are part of the mission control system and they can cost up to $1,000 apiece to replace. >> the city of mountain view is starting a search for a new city manager. they will interview candidates interested in the job. it should take between 11 and 16 weeks. >> time is 6:36 and more people are celebrating like it's 1999 this new year's eve. why expensive parties are coming back into fashion. >> a website makes a list of theest cities in america. san francisco makes the list. where it ranks, coming up. >> the taxes are changing along with the calendar. we have a live report. >> the new year will bring the
6:37 am
bay area showers. we will let you know how much rain we are expecting new year's eve into new year's day. this morning it's cold. 29 in gilroy and the rest of the temperatures are on the way. [ male announcer ] how do you say...
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>> it's just a couple of minutes, we will get a mammoth update. stay tuned for that. let's talk about what's happening here in the bay area. spotty clouds and a cold air mass settling in, bringing temperatures into the 20 no, sir spots. the cold air will hang around for quite sometime and even colder when we wake up on new year's eve. northwest winds at about 3 miles per hour. we are seeing the wins that tens to be warmer that is preventing the cold dense air from settling in. look at the novato temperature. 43 degrees and much, much warmer than gilroy with 30 degrees. the same a plays to livermore at 29. as we wake up tomorrow morning, you want to subtract about 3 degrees. tomorrow even colder. this is what we expect as we
6:41 am
head through the second half of the day. showers starting up around 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. hanging out until midnight. this is going to be as we ring in the new year 2011. the light scattered showers across the bay area and the whole thing will clear out before we hit about 6:00 p.m. on now year's day. this is what we expect in terms of precipitation. not a lot. grown here and a little bit of yellow. one to two inches in the santa cruz mountains. looking towards light rain between a half and one inch. temperature-wise 49 and cooler as we head into friday. as promised, let's bring in joanie lynch to tell us how it's good looking in mammoth. >> good morning and boy, the cold temperatures are hitting us here in mammoth on this clear, calm, and cold morning. temperatures in the single digits at about 2 degrees after picking up another three feet of
6:42 am
snow. the first month ever mammoth picked up over 200 inches of snow. off to a good start and a great new yaoer in 2011. a base of 12 to 17 feet of snow. a great day today. that's it for us in mammoth. back to you in the studio. more on the way as i said. become to the cannon. >> we will have updates on two stories. >> a live look outside. look at the gorgeous morning. it is crystal clear and that's part of the reason it's old. the. [ female announcer ] gold bond hand sanitizer kills germs without alcohol,
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then moisturizes. kills germs. loves your hands.
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>> welcome back, everybody. once again, a live look outside. san jose seeing a high of 35 right now. not warming up too much. barely into the 50s and clear skies. the complete forecast in a few minutes. think of it as a happy new year gift. today in the bay's brian moore will tell us what to look for. good morning. >> the one thing we don't have to look out for is our taxes going up when the ball drops on new year's eve thanks to congress that passed the extension of the bush era tax
6:46 am
cuts. we will be paying the same taxes that we did in the previous years. if you are healthy, you will get a lot of tax breaks extended that would save a lot of money there. essentially what it means is that we will have a few more bucks in our pocket. it's a social security tax holiday. 2% of your with holding will be with held by the government and put back into the paycheck. the irs is dealing with it and they are scrambling to get the forms finalized before they all go out to us. live in washington, brian moore. >> happy new year to you. >> i should say, many happy returns to you and little conon ets. >> thank you very much. >> tip your waitress.
6:47 am
>> we have a very cold morning across the bay area. christine is checking the temps and looking at when it might warm up. relative to your threshold in terms of cloud cover. we have very little. clear skies and unable to trap in any of the heat from yesterday. all that heat radiated back out and as a result we are very, very cold this morning. we have a very cold air mass continuing to push into the bay area. that will bring temperatures down about 3 degrees heading into tomorrow morning. make sure you grab a sweater or jacket especially because when you look out the window or look out the door, it will be clear. you will see the sun and boy oh, boy it will not warm up that much today. 29 degrees in livermore and a frosty start. give yourself plenty of time to get the frost off the windshield
6:48 am
by about 9:00 a.m. we'll not worry about the frost any longer. struggling to reach low to mid 40s. grab that jacket on your lunch break and keep it handy for when you leave the office as well. temperatures are only going to be in the low to mid 40s. probably upper 40 no, sir places like oakland and san francisco. here's what you can expect as we head through the rest of the week. shower arrive around 4:00 p.m. new year's eve. ringing in the new year with showers on saturday. all the activity deteriorating and it will be a fast-moving system pack being half the moisture. >> investigators say nobody is to blame for a family trip that turned tragic.
6:49 am
>> an enormous oak tree came down on the wood frame tend. she was staying in that tent and you can do that in the wildlife preserve. they were on a special trip and she was reading to the middle girl when they fell about 9:00 on tuesday night. she died almost instantly. her granddaughter was not hurt. they told the preserve there was no way the accident could have been foreseen or prevented. >> that are kind of accident is a reminder to check trees to make sure they are in good condition and with stand rough weather. tree limbs are snapping in the wind and the roots are giving out. if the tree topples, it can be deadly. it can do dodge cars and homes. tree damage can be prevented if you know what to look out for. >> what might be an indication
6:50 am
is mushrooms growing at the base of the tree. that's an indication that there is decay in the trunk or the roots. >> experts say if you haven't looked at the trees lately, do it soon. signs of trouble are the trees that are too full. if you don't prune, you may be asking for trouble. if you catch the warning signs, this t can prevent disaster. we have developing news. investigators are trying to figure out what started an apartment fire. today in the bay's christie smith has latest with that scene. >> good morning to you. an update from firefighter who is are telling us that the power to the unit that was burned was cutoff on december 2nd by pg&e. this is a bank-owned property
6:51 am
and the facts were rining a cord from one unit to another it appears that this was accidental from 82nd avenue. starting about 2:00 in the morning in a front room with smoke moving into a bedroom inside where a mother and her young daughter and a male friend were. they were fount unconscious. they were carried boy a neighbor. we know that two other women were injured. they jumped out of the other unit with leg jurisdiction. four units here. we can tell you that firefighters said to make this matter worse, there were no working smoke detectors in the entire building. live in oakland, christie smith
6:52 am
today in the bay. >> now developing news in the east bay. a swm dead after an overnight car chase that ended in oakland. today in the bay is live near the scene where the woman died a few hours ago. good morning. it started in san leandro and ended here in oakland where we are this morning at the corner of bancroft and durant. details are limited, but this is what we know. oakland police said this officer-involved shooting and the deadly officer-involved shooting happened at 10:25 with san leandro police chasing a jaguar. when he crashed into a light pole. a san leandro officer fired a weapon and one woman is dead this morning. we heard one man is hurt and that has not been confirmed.
6:53 am
we don't know who was driving. we don't know either what prompted the chase in the first place. we are working to get new information this morning. for now, reporting live in oakland, marla tellez, today in the bay. >> thank you very much for the update. new this morning, a possible sign the economy is turning around. jobless numbers are at the lowest point in more than two years. applications for unemployment fell by 34,000, the fewest since july of 2008. economists say applications must fall consistently to indicate a significant decline. >> christine o'donnell speaking out on the "today" show and said she never misspent campaign funds. she said they found out go b the government investigation before she did. you can see the interview at 7:00 on today.
6:54 am
queen elizabeth is a great grandmother. the name of the child will be released later. she is the 12th in line for the throne. san francisco ranks third on the list of americas drunkest cities. it looked at three things. average alcohol consumption over a month, levels of binge drinking and places where large portions of the population suffers health problems connected to drinking too much. milwaukee tops the list and fargo, north dakota is number two. >> forget house parties and pot lucks. a new report from the food industry said people are willing to spend on treating themselves. experts say stock market gains and consumer growth and built up savings means plenty of people will spend a lot of money at restaurants, hotels and clothing shops. new year's day falls on a saturday that means people could take new year's eve off to get
6:55 am
out there and shop. >> new york police are adding security measures to keep the largest new year's celebrations crime-free and making sure manhole covers are sealed and metal pens are ensuring crowd safety at time square. they are enforcing a backpack ban and placing snipers on roof tops. they will can carry beeper-size radiation detectors. they are tweaking the plan after the failed car bomb attempt in time square back in may. yesterday we asked you what you would call that decade that we are about to wrap up. we checked our facebook page this morning. >> karen had an interesting answer. she said we should call it the preteens. >> jim kelly said the 2000s. the 80s or whatever. what do you call it when it's
6:56 am
2003? >> the 2000s. there you have it. the problems we solve on this show. >> breaking it down one by one. >> we will check in with christina. you were so accurate when you told us how cold it would be. >> thank you. breaking down cold numbers for you this morning. 29 degrees in livermore. we have moisture left oever fro the storm earlier this week. frost will be a factor and give yourself extra time and get out the credit card. 32 degree as the freezing in sunnyvale. let's look at what's happening. you see the spotty clouds and air mass is pushing into the area. behind that mass, we have another system with rain new year's eve into new year's day. by about midnight, yellows and oranges and all the activity
6:57 am
will be light. you will need to bring that umbrella. everything clears out of the area by 6:00 p.m. about half as much as we saw earlier this week in a 24-hour period. the most moisture in the santa cruz mountains. between a half to an inch. looking good. a little raino new year's. 51 degrees for new year's day. a few scattered showers and clearing before we hit the second half of the day. sun and clouds with a fair stretch of weather. back to you. thank you for joining us this morning. the "today" show is up next. >> local news update for you in a half hour. have a great day.
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